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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Natural History of the Chicken

So-- I was doing what I do most nights lately. Petting my buff silkie chick and watching PBS. I know-- that's some pretty raucous behavior and I won't be able to party like this for much longer.

Then suddenly-- Like a ray from Chicken Heaven a documentary I had not seen before.. *YAY*.. but wait.. it's called "The Natural History of the Chicken" *EEEEEEEEE YAY!!!*

Not being able to break away from the glorious delight coming from the image box-- I waited a total of three seconds before going online to The Natural History of the Chicken DVD - and ordering the video for myself. And also because I'm a PBS junkie and need to pay back with a little support for the station that brings our family loads of entertainment.

In case your local PBS stations are not showing it in your area you I have posted it here on my blog courtesy of It is in six parts and thoroughly enjoyable.






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