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Friday, March 12, 2010

Chicken Coop-- the saga.

It wasn't going to be that hard I thought.

I worked for weeks on plans and finally had a solid idea of how to go about things.

Lowes was my go to place for materials. I spent about $300 in materials and tools.. then spent the last of my sanity and hand strength building the darn thing.

Looking back- I would have still built the coop myself. It was the only way to get the satisfaction I wanted with the price tag I was ruled by.

So now I have a lovely tractor coop. It is 4x4x4.5. It has a chicken door, a back large access door. Tool cloth floor to allow for the deep litter method and easy cleaning. Vented ceiling that is screened in with tool cloth. Sloped roof and even a drop hatch door that leads to a chicken run beneath the whole coop.

I've never built anything larger than a cat scratch post.. which took me three days. eeysh.

So here she is in all her glory.. sporting all cedar walls---

I would have written sooner-- by my hands are still recovering from what I swear is carpel tunnel from building the glorious coop.

My little chicks are all settled in an cozy.

We lost 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte chick to some strange illness. But we are still ahead of the curve as far as fatalities go. We had been estimating we might lose as many as four. To date we have a happy healthy flock.

I am very attached to my Ameraucana's. Specifically a splash blue wheaten Ameraucana-- I've named her Ginsberg. Her sister Ameraucana's are Fehrlingetti and Neruda.

They are keepers for sure!
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