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Thursday, February 18, 2010

They're heeeerrree!

And it almost didn't happen.. thank you very much google  maps.

Yesterday my husband and I headed out with our youngest to the Schwartz Chicken Farm in Parma Idaho.

We knew we didn't have too much time because of long set appointments that we had scheduled.

So we drove out to Parma. We pass through Caldwell... and then into Notus.. and then into Parma. I've gotta say I'm biased because I love Parma.
I love the rolling spaces and the blue brush and the stark beauty of it all. It was looking especially gorgeous this morning with the fog sitting on the hills like gauzy cotton blanket.

So we took out our handy dandy phones/pda's and google mapped the directions to the Schwartz Farm.
3500 Elmore Rd Parma Idaho.

The maps directed up to a golf course. Then do a dead end street off of Ward lane. We'd been driving over 1 1/2 hours and we were due to be on our way back to Boise already.
Conversational polite scuffles ensued when my husband kept insisting that we come back another day.
I finally made a statement... "I'm not leaving Parma without my baby chicks!"

Silence. Then pouting on my point. My husband realizing how important it was to me charged ahead on our mission (I think the twelve point verbal presentation about the importance of getting what I want helped)... then there it was. I saw the Schwartz Farm Coop! We're Here... I think I actually clapped.

**Insert glorious opera aria here**

It may be a bit of a drive-- but oh so so so worth it.

I had exactly thirty minutes to get in there pick out my chicks and head home.

Ok-- so forgive me if the following sounds like an infomercial, but I have to brag on my chicken breeders Jim & Martha Schwartz. (and this is NOT a paid endorsement)

Jim and his Martha were wonderful. Big smiles and greetings from both of them.
They showed us around the coops and gave great information on the chicks. Martha was great at giving a guided tour of the chickens and any detail you want to know.
And the chickens! Oh-- I was like a hypoglyciemic kid in a candy store! Beautiful chickens everywhere, and in such great shape.
I chose Jim & Martha Schwartz' smaller chicken farm because I wanted a more personal experience. Here are some other reasons why.
  • They guarantee the sex of their standard size chickens. If you by chance get a rooster.. just take em back and they'll make it right. 
  • They are both founts of chicken knowledge and get back to you with quick responses. All of my questions were answered in a personable way. They really want to help their customers.
  • They really care about their chickens and it shows. The chickens were all in such good form and really beautiful. 
  • They are local! Buy Idaho! 
  • For the experience. There is something special about going to a working chicken farm. Buying from a commercial hatchery or pet supply store is ok.... but I guarantee that you won't get the experience and the memories you will from a real personal experience. 
  • They want  you to succeed. The relationship they have with their customers doesn't stop after you pick up your poultry. It will be a relationship.
If you are in the market for a coop you should definitely check out Jim's Coops! He has a selection and different types and styles. My favorite was the coop that looked like an outhouse, complete with toilet seat brooder ports! And his coops are made of cedar- (way good for chickens). But he can also build custom coops too.
If you are looking for a more personal experience in getting any of your poultry stock you really should go to the Schwartz farm first.

And psstt... they are getting a shipment of the Belgian D'Uccle Mille de Fleur' Bantams on Friday... EEEH!!! These are such sweet docile beautiful birds and sold out on almost all the chick provider sites via mail order and finding them around here isn't much better.
They are gonna go fast so better get your deposit in now!

So without further ado... meet my new baby chicks.!

2- Buff Orpingtons
2- Plymouth Barred Rock
2- Ameraucana's (I wish I had gotten more)
1- Buff Silkie
8- Silver laced Wyandotte

They are all settled in and cozy.

Here is the info for the

Schwartz Chicken Farm Coops or Chickens
3500 Elmore Rd Parma ID 83660

And here are the directions. Coming from Boise take I-84 towards Caldwell.
Take the exit 20, then make a left. Stay on through Notus and Parma. Then turn right on Pearl Rd and stay on the road. Turn left on Elmore to 3500 Elmore road. It should be on your right.
Just stay on those roads and you'll get there. 

P.S. Jim is also an author and has several Country lore books for sale. Definitely worth a read and priced way reasonable! I'm going to pick up a couple next time I'm out-- they will make great gifts for any Idahoan.
Check out the page and order your books online at then pick them out when you go to pick up your chicks!
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