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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chick-mas eve

It's Chick-Mas eve! I can only liken the excitement to being a 11 year old with front row seats to the Jonas Brothers concert.

I was able to find everything I needed at the local Zamzows. They were really helpful, but a little low on stock as they said that Chicken stuff is starting to fly off the shelf. I did have to settle for plastic feeders. (I would have preferred galvanized. Brooder lamp with the 250 watt bulb is set up.
But the supplies I bought will more than do. 
1- Adjustable Brooder lamp $12.99
1- 250 Clear white brooder heat bulb $6.49 (I bought the cheaper clear lamp instead of the red one which only emits heat. The sales clerk let me know that it doesn't really matter which type you use)
1- Pine shavings in a compressed bale $9.89
1- Package of Zamzows starter chick feed - $11.99
1- Feeder base - $2.99
1- Fount base (water) - $1.99 (I actually grabbed the last one they had on the shelf)
2- Poultry Jars 1 qt. 2x 2.49 - $4.98
1- Poultry Vitamins $3.99
Total with tax came to $58.63 

Not bad I think for everything my chicks should need for the first few months of their life. 

I used an empty storage bin and a shelf in our mud room.

My brooder has been sanitized, a thin layer of pine shavings laid. Starter feed is loaded, and water is waiting to be filled. We have a cloth screen that will lay underneath a heavier metal screen.
I need to pick up a thermometer to ensure that the temp stays 99 degrees. Then each week after we will have to lower the temp from the brooder lamp by 5 degrees but shutting if off at times or using an oil heater I placed on the floor next to the brooder. 

I am agonizing about having to look at a silkie chick and just say no.. I'll tell you this readers.. I'm going to really try.

My biggest challenge is going to be keeping our kitty Pabu and our dog Moosie from disturbing (ie: eating) the baby chicks. Family members have been instructed to keep animals out for the first week.

Next post you'll see from me I will be the proud Mama of 14 baby chirpity chicks!
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