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Monday, February 15, 2010

T-Minus three days...

Giddy with egg-citement.

My chicks are coming, my chicks are coming! This Thursday I will be picking up my chicks. My order has increased and changed a bit.
I was expecting to have a coop well underway in the construction stages by now. Unfortunately some sad family business kept us from being able to dedicate any amount of time to it.

Instead I used my handy-dandy computer to email my favorite chicken breeder- Jim and changed my order.
All are 1 day old chicks. This hopefully will allow for more time to get our coop built and chicken ready within the three months before introducing them to the wilds of our backyard.
2- Australorp
2- Ameraucana
10- Silver Laced Wyandotte

Did I mention that Jim Schwartz will guarantee the sex?!  How awesome is that! If a little rooster hardware begins to appear I can just swap him for a hen from Jim. (I wouldn't even begin to know how to sex a rooster.. I guess I'll know when he starts crowing).

I am getting a few insurance chicks as I hear it is normal for casualties along the way. And I'm going to try my best not to buy a few silkies... I wonder if they make a chicken patch for addictions.

I think I've almost perfected my coop plans and am now in the bidding war process. Thanks to everyone for their input on the coop design and for letting me know what is important to you. I promise if my coop goes well.. I will be happy to endorse the builder to you. And YES- for those DIY'ers I made sure to ask about a DIY Kit option.
To be safe I want to make sure the work is quality work. I've had bids so far everywhere from $200-400 in price range. While it would be easier to go with the lowest bid, I want to make sure that I go with quality too.
From the input I got the average spending range is $275- $375.

So keep checking for updates, better yet, become a subscriber and you can receive updates as they come. Save yourself the time of checking in every day.

For those of you who have chicks coming the release date for most hatcheries is Feb 17--- so make sure your brooders are ready! For information on setting up a brooder visit one of the links visit

Bawk- Bawk!
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