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Monday, February 1, 2010

Coop Dreams

I've become obsessed with designing the perfect coop for my new flock of backyard birds.
Generally when it comes to Chicken Coops you have three options.

1. Purchase a pre-made coop or kit either online or built locally. Prices range from around $400-$2000
2. Make your own coop. There are plans available to buy on the internet or you can design your own. Prices can vary- it can be less than $50 if you have scrap lumber, some spare paint and are handy with tools.

Here's my dilemna. I loved the pretty coops that are sold online as pre-mades. What I don't love is their price tag starting at $400 for a coop that needs to be assembled and that doesn't include the $100 shipping charge..

Another big problem is that I am not even a novice when it comes to wood working or even just plain building. I once built a cat scratch post.. it took me four days.
My brilliant husband isn't much better either... actually he's worse.

But we are adamant in our intent to do this project. After looking at about fifty different plans, we've decided on a hen house with a detachable chicken run and a slope roof. It has five roosts- enough for up to 10 chickens. Although I won't need that many, it's just nice to have the extra room.

I've been drawing and re-drawing plans and finally came up with a coop that looks almost exactly like this.

Assembled and shipped this coop prices at $1900.00
I'm hoping to build it for less than $450.00 which includes the purchase of a few power tools and paint (I know we're bad Idahoans for not owning power tools).

My plan dimensions are a bit different. Instead of the four roosts from the pre-fab coop, mine will have five, and a couple other niceties added.
Best of all it will be on four heavy duty wheels so the chicken house can be moved to new spots in the yard.

Almost equally importantly it will be an attractive coop. With neighbors it's not good to build some funky atrocity that looks like a small meth lab.

I will post pictures of the finished product online.

Become a follower of my blog and I will e-mail you the plans and detailed pictures.

Gaining momentum and have a plan now.

I've been reading more about keeping chickens and find I'm more convinced than ever to begin this little quasi-movement towards organic eggs.
There is something that is intrinsic in many of us to find our way back to a simpler way.
Lives have become less about acquiring material things and more about acquiring experience and cherishing the process of the journey...
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