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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Neruda Exodus

She's alive and she home!
(Shes the chicken in the middle)
Last night as I my son was rounding up the chickens from their free grange playtime we noticed that the newest addition to our flock the new Ameraucana chick we named Neruda was missing. Soon we realized that she was under our backyard deck and would not budge. We tried everything we could to coax her out-- it was beginning to get cold out, winds blowing and the temp was dropping quickly towards the 50F degree mark.

We tried until past 10pm. Dark, tired and no signs of a peep.. we gave up. I silently hoped she was somehow still alive.
I bounded out of bed this morning and went to the backyard deck to check for any sign. Not a peep.

I went about the daily chores of being an artist, mother and all around superhero. I had finished a raised garden bed box and was hauling it out to the backyard when I heard it... the faintest "cheep, cheep, cheep". I rushed to the deck and slammed my ear to the boards... "cheeeeep"

My son and his friend were over and came out side at hearing that we had found Neruda! Already wearing my tool belt.. it was obvious... my son rushed to get my reciprocating saw and I got to work making well placed cuts. I could already hear my husband saying "You did what to our deck?!" Then I would remind him that I'm the household handy-diva... not him.

Scared she kept running away... until my sons friend swiftly like a chicken-snatching-ninja grabbed her in a flash and pulled her to safety. She is returned to the safety of the coop after some rest and relaxation,  food and feed inside the house.
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