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Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's fun to play at the IBBA Annual Auction

It was late last night when I ran across the craiglist ad for the Idaho Bird Breeders Association (IBBA) Annual Fundraiser Auction in Caldwell Idaho.

A quick google search produced a nice surprise of their website , there was more information on the site about the auction.
It was more of a fundraising event as thirty percent of the proceeds went to the benefit the Idaho Bird Breeders Association. They are a group that meets monthly to promote and educate all things avian. Memberships start out as little as $10 and it opens an opportunity to meet, learn and make new friends with other breeders and enthusiasts with hundreds of years of combined experience and knowledge.

I took a few of my own birds, mostly because I didn't want to seem like some green behind the ears newbie. (But really, shh.. I am).

 Wow-- all the birds.. there were so many! 

PLUS! I did get some weird rush of seeing my birds in a cage with a tag on it... breed listed.. I could almost picture a ribbon on it.... a girl can dream right?

Butter sans diaper
While this wasn't a show, it was a great opportunity for me to schmooze en bird lingo with others who loved chickens like I do. Well maybe not like I do-- I didn't readily volunteer that on a regular basis slap a diaper on my silkie Butter and watch documentaries while she coo's in my lap.

Nope, I was wearing my big girl pants today. I had a bid card- #27.

Although the auction action was pretty entertaining in itself .

I had a plan... I wanted to walk out of there with at least 1 chicken that was laying eggs.

My opportunity came alive when a mating pair of Rosecomb bantams came up on the block... I think the feller bidding against me saw that I had that crazy determined look in my eyes and he bowed out at $12.
JUST $12! That's about as much as a trip to Starbucks or a pair of socks from Victoria's Secret.

My son pulled me away to bid on a pair of Cockatiels complete en cage' and he won!

Everyone I met from the IBBA were helpful, affable and had a big smile on their faces for all the people who turned out. It was my first auction, my first sale, and ... my first egg from my new Rosecomb hen was laying in the hay by the time we arrived back home.
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