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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Incubating Joy-- pt 1.

I am in week two of my incubation journey.

Two weeks ago I started with setting, what is now a staggered hatch.

Set on 04/16 Silkies @ 12 + eggs from Kentucky Silkies - Non standard colors

Set on 04/18 Cochins @ 12 + eggs from Ozark Bantams- black and white

Set on 04/20 Silkie Cochins @ 6+ eggs from the
T he Bantam Barn
- Barred & Black silkie

After candling.. I think too much.. I'm down to

11 - Silkies, 6- Cochins and 4- Silkie Cochins.

The last two days were a frustration of fluctuating low temperatures (ideal is supposed to be 99.5) and my temps varied from 88-94. Humidity stayed pretty steady at 40-50 percent.

Luckily I have many good chicken keeping friends who are sending me lots of good juju.

It helps to have as much knowledge, even if it is hindsight. Here is a great Incubation Troubleshooting Guide I found on the Back Yard Chickens forum

I'll keep you updated.
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