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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Repurposing the tramp

Not that kind of tramp. 

A litany of leaves left under the family trampoline led me to the idea of creating a annex to the chicken run.
It seems like an obvious re-purpose project waiting to happen.

It was a low cost way to improving the grazing area of my chickens, which we all know leads to happy chickens and more eggs.

I also want to use the chickens to clear any bugs, slugs and spiders that might have set up camp. The chicken droppings will then be mixed with the composting leaves and be used to supplement my garden soil later. Win, Win, Win.

Secure zip ties to plastic barrier fence then folded down excess
A single roll of plastic garden fencing, a few garden stakes and zip ties, and a few metal fence posts and voila.

Chickens love it

Secure fencing against the perimeter of frame.
Now this is a tramp everyone can enjoy
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