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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Damnit I'm still here...

Well hey y'all. I missed you too. Gotta say that I LOVED that people actually noticed and said something. *tear* .. oh you all do give a rats ass. *thank you* And sometimes that's enough.. lately it means a lot.

The soundtrack to this post is Jeff Buckley's cover of Hallelujah... the album cut. He gets too noodle-y in the live version.

As a Mother and Human being.. it's been hard to not really get a sense of coming change...

I had to take a break from blogging and at times eating while sitting. Our reality as a family has had to do some important but challenging shifting. We are one of the fortunate here in the Boise Valley to be able to continue to maintain a normal way life. Our family still lives and loves our home.
Change is coming to our little piece of heaven by means of improvement and incredible sadness.

The centerpiece of Family Micro Farm is our beloved trees. Oak, Maple, Elm, Apple, Cherry, Apricot.... we have more than a few of each. It seems the main trees are in the way of a Power line that the city of Boise is moving for a much needed improvement to our area. It's something that has left me a little out of my head.. especially since what we understood after our inquiry about the project is that our property would not be impacted. Until of course they showed up to cut our trees in half. So we are working it out together.. hopefully we can come to a good place.

 Our family has also grown and it means adjusting schedules, more mouths to feed, bathe, and sometimes try to ignore. I kid. Sort of.

The Flock is doing well. We've had losses in the last few months. I'll be blogging more about them in the next few minutes.

So in short...thank you.. for giving a damn. And I mean that sincerely

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