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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yawn-- coming out of hiberation.

Despite the recent show of snow and the harsh winds-- this is my type of weather. Brisk and sunny.
I've crawled out of my warm blankets and smile at chickens who are happy to see the ground and the beginnings of green shoots once again.

To further set the mood two of my chickens now more than a year old have gone broody.
My Showgirl Silkie (Freydis) and the other  black silkie (Kitten). Sadly they have no rooster to fertilize their eggs, but I may be bringing back our beloved silkie rooster Ralphie to help out with that department.
My spouse of course sports a sigh that tells me he remembers having to deal with Chez Ralphie-- a makeshift box in the mudroom where Ralphie slept and stayed in until 10am or so in the morning. This was necessary to keep peace with our neighbors-- and to not expose them to a 5am wakeup call.  Ralphie is coming back for vacation for a short time from the country to help the ladies fulfill their needs as mothers.
Soon we will have a few new clutches of silkie baby chicks and showgirl baby chicks.

The eggs have come with more consistency and we are averaging about 5-8 eggs a day. And I'm looking forward to keeping anyone who might be reading this blog entertained with the new spring and it's many adventures in backyard chickens.
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