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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hatching Eggs?! Sweet Fancy Moses!

Taking care of older chickens (even pullets) is easy.
Clean water daily- Check
Clean food daily- Check
Open door for chickens to free range in yard- Check

Then.. then the unspeakable happened.
On a lark- I entered the "Egg Auction" section at the BYC forum.
It went something like this.
Oh hey- this auction is ending soon, and there are bids. Wonder how this works.. hmm.. oh I loved ebay, and am fully recovered from my ebay addiction days. And this isn't ebay- so lets make a super low bid for these dozen plus gorgeous silkie eggs.. there is no way I'm going to win.. so lets say hmm.. $8.00
Minutes wind down-- seven minutes the bid was entered. By minute 1 I was panicking-- with excitement and disbelief.
And loving every moment.
On their way with in the post are a dozen plus silkie eggs from Kentucky Silkies Breeders.

There you have it.

Ok. Ok. So I went the one place I had vowed was just entirely too much trouble and worry.

After pricing out Incubators and finding the cheapest place on the internet I did the math to find out it was cheaper to buy it locally from Dunlap Hatchery in Caldwell. The Hova-bator 1620N prices for about $57 and seems to fit my needs. I'm opting out of getting an auto egg turner, since I'm at home most of the time.

I purchased a Timex digital thermometer/hygrometer from (by far cheaper than buying it retail in store).

Then I realized the incubator has room for more.. and well the dozen or so eggs might be lonely... two auctions later. I called it good.

Silkies @ 12 + eggs from - Non standard colors

Cochins @ 12 + eggs from black and white

Silkie Cochins @ 6+ eggs from the Barred and; Black silkie

I'm warming up the Hova-Bator today.

Already I am getting that chicken-high... ahh ..

Ohh-- and to top it off.. Ruby our new Easter Egger laid a gorgeous blue egg today.

Ahh-- I can feel the seratonin and endorphins just having a love-fest in my head...
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